Ideal for nature and adventure lovers, the small country of Ecuador packs a large punch.

Ecuador’s contrasts define its diverse identity: the high peaks of Volcano Chimborazo against the lowlands of Cuenca, the steamy Amazon rainforest against frigid Andes mountains, and large bustling cities against small charming pueblos. Ecuador is a unique gem waiting to be discovered.

Rich in culture, nature, and biodiversity, Ecuador has…

Creating travel moments that change you, forever.

Meet Anna Mascaro,

Owner of Terracotta Travel


In the last decade, I’ve traveled around the world twice, sailed across the Atlantic, explored over 60 countries on five continents and stayed in over 500 luxury hideaways. …

Discover the magical landscapes of Norway on this 14-day adventure through vibrant cities, spectacular fjords, and endless untouched wilderness.

Trip Highlights

  • Go dog sledding in the enchanted landscape of Valdres
  • Head off the beaten track to the stunning cascades of Turlidfossen waterfall
  • Hike Tafjord for breathtaking views that few people get to experience
  • Discover a UNESCO City of Gastronomy on a private culinary tour of Bergen
  • Stay in a cozy hideaway…

Explore Belize’s lush jungles and exotic spice farms before cruising on your own private yacht among pristine white-sand islands and transparent turquoise ocean.

Trip Highlights

  • Learn about cacao harvest and sip on fresh brewed authentic Mayan hot chocolate
  • Visit one of the largest vanilla and black pepper plantations in Palencia
  • Explore the one-of-a-kind island of Bluefield Range
  • Enjoy a magical underwater experience snorkeling in South Water Caye
  • Sail through Belize Cayes exploring and…

Encounter the exotic wildlife, ancient ruins, and underwater wonders of Belize while sailing over azure seas and trekking through lush jungle.

Trip Highlights

  • Witness rare species at Swallow Caye wildlife sanctuary
  • Swim with friendly sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve
  • Encounter a kaleidoscope of marine life at Goff’s Caye
  • Live out your desert island fantasy aboard a privately chartered catamaran
  • Hike to the top of Caana Pyramid overlooking lush rainforest
  • Swim…

Terracotta Travel

Explore the world with a depth beyond your imagination — and totally tailored to you.

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